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VISION: Develop high-character student athletes who have positive personal, social and civic values that strive for academic and athletic excellence.

MISSION: Motivate, inspire and spread passion to student athletes about the game of basketball along with developing each individual into the best player and person they are capable of becoming. Build a team atmosphere where all players are united as one to reach their full potential. Create and maintain an exciting program that generates tremendous levels of support, pride and tradition for community members to share.


1. Character Growth
2. Player Development
3. Team Unity
4. Mastering the Fundamentals
5. Defensive Identity & System
6. Offensive Identity & System

WHO: The Peninsula Basketball Academy is for boys and girls who plan on attending Peninsula High school. Grade levels of kindergarten – 8th grades are invited to participate. Kindergarten – 2nd graders will focus on “Drills 4 Skill” and will participate in our Jr. Peninsula Skills Academy. The 3rd – 8th grade teams will play in a select travel league outside of Gig Harbor. The league will depend on the age and experience of each team. The older age groups will also compete in weekend tournaments.

WHY: The purpose of the Peninsula Basketball Academy is to develop the fundamental basketball skills of each individual player by teaching team concepts through quality coaching along with forming competitive teams per grade level. In the Peninsula Basketball Academy, the high school players and coaches get to know and encourage players from the younger Peninsula teams. Academy members are our “future Seahawks” and it is important they learn to love basketball.

WHEN: Try-outs for boys and girls in grade levels 3rd – 8th will be on Sunday, October 12, 2014 with practices and games starting in November. Boys and girls in grade levels Kindergarten – 2nd will start in mid-November. The season concludes in February or March depending on grade level.

JR. PENINSULA SKILLS ACADEMY COST (Grades K-2): Boys and girls in grades K – 2nd will owe $85 which allows each student to become an official member of our Junior Peninsula Skills Academy. The Jr. Peninsula will receive 10 “Drill 4 Skill” sessions and a mirco-mesh reversible jersey.

PENINSULA BASKETBALL ACADEMY COST (Grades 3-8): Boys and girls in grades 3rd – 8th will owe $275 ($175 for returning academy members that have a game uniform) which allows each student to become an official member of the Peninsula Basketball Academy. As an SBA player, he/she will receive an authentic Peninsula game basketball jersey and shorts, league fee, 10 “Drill 4 Skill” sessions with the high school team, AAU club fee (older teams) and practice times. The SBA fee for the 3rd – 8th graders will be broken down into two installments: $225 once the student officially makes the team on October 6th and the remaining $50 due on November 25th once the “Drill 4 Skill” sessions begin.

Question: My son/daughter is interested in playing in the Peninsula Basketball Academy, how can he/she do that?
Answer: In October of 2015, teams are formed for that season. 3rd – 8th grade teams are created following a try-out session. Players are evaluated and teams are selected collectively by the Peninsula Basketball Academy coaches. If you are interested in coaching your son/daughter, please let us know!

Question: Is it true that players must be attending Peninsula High School in the future?
Answer: Yes. The Peninsula Basketball Academy is a feeder program for Peninsula High School.

Question: Is it true that the Peninsula Basketball Academy cuts players?
Answer: As a program we do not believe in cutting players, unfortunately because of costs and coaching resources it sometimes becomes necessary. The Peninsula Basketball Academy does not cut players in the introductory kindergarten through 2nd grade levels. However, cuts are made starting in the 3rd grade depending on the amount of players that tryout, how many coaches are available, and how much gym time can be secured. We try to keep our teams at around 8-10 players.

Question: If my son/daughter plays in the Peninsula Basketball Academy, should he also play for his Middle School?
Answer: Yes. We are here to supplement school ball, not replace it!

Question: Will my son/daughter be able to play other sports?
Answer: Yes. The season runs from October through February. Older age groups might have tournament play that runs through March. Our goal is to work with the Youth Football programs in October/November so families can participate in both activities.

Question: What is the difference between the Jr. Peninsula Skills Academy and Peninsula Basketball Academy?
Answer: They are the same program. The same mission, vision and maxims. However, the Jr. Peninsula Skills Academy is for students who are in grades K-2nd. The Peninsula Basketball Academy is for students who are in grades 3rd – 8th. All age levels will participate in the “Drill 4 Skill” sessions with the Peninsula High School students in November – February. Our main objective with K-2nd graders is to develop their basketball skill with weekly workouts and practices along with playing against each other. The 3rd-8th graders will have a combination of “Drill 4 Skill” sessions, practices, league games and tournaments.

Question: Who do I contact if I have questions?
Answer: Please email the Academy Director, Jay McLaughlin at








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